Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sun 27 Jan - Scottsdale, AZ

More rain today...

This is the third time this year already where we end up in an area with extreme weather; first the heat of Sydney and NSW, we left Australia in 43 degrees, then record colds day after day in Los Angeles, and now lots and lots of rain in the Arizona desert where the sun shines something like 360 days a year. What's next?

Today we start off with a couple of shots of Vineet's place, from the front and at the back.

Vineet was going to the gym in the morning and during a break in the rain, we went for a wander through the neighborhood. We love these cacti, referred to as Sahara cactus. Holes by birds, possibly woodpeckers.
This pic is taken towards the mountains at the back of the neighborhood.
This local road has 2 lanes either way, except for where a bridge was required. Here they went for the low cost solution.
In the end, we were gone for an hour and twenty minutes exploring, including walking past the gym that Vineet goes to. The gym is enormous, apparently 3 floors and it all looks very posh from the outside.
Back to the ranch, after then time to take the dogs out for a run. We drove to this area where the dogs can run free, and boy, did they just. Hunter at least, as Raylan tried to keep up, but was running out of puff after a while.
Then the rain closed in and we got drenched by the time we got back to the car.
After change of clothes and lunch at Vineet's place, we took a drive to a local North Scottsdale shopping mall, all very nice and expensive looking. We swung by Walmart, also enormous, for some more food shopping (and Corona and lime), then back home again where Di is taking over control in the kitchen yet again. Garlic chicken, Thai red curry and Lamingtons for dessert is on the menu. Vineet's friends Larry and Jen are coming over for dinner.
A man, two dogs and a laptop...
Hunter has a habit of resting and sleeping in the most odd positions... That's Hunter to the left...
Around 6.30pm, Larry and Jan McGrath arrive, 2 Aussies who have lived in Arizona for some years, and we are having a delicious dinner with plenty of wine and some crappy Aussie humour thrown in along the way. And lots of lamingtons - enough leftover to send some home with Larry and Jan.
No photos, but a very pleasant evening. Good night.


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