Friday, March 1, 2013

Fri 1 Mar - Austin, TX

Time to move on and leave Vineet and Hunter and Raylan behind. Sad. Very sad. We have a plane to catch to Austin, TX. Here are the two boys standing at Vineet's doorway and looking... Well, sad too.

We still have our Chevrolet Impala so we drive ourselves to Sky Harbor International Airport to drop off the car. It is all very well marked. Car rental return signs are everywhere, but the final destination is well to the west of the actual airport itself. Eventually we get there, return the car, take the escalator up to where the car rental shuttle buses take you back to the airport and... We are met with the below. What looks like an old airport building converted to cater for car rental only.
Very efficient shuttle buses the you to one of four terminals. Sky Harbor International Airport is big.
It took some time to clear airport security then on to our plane which is not an US Airways jet but a Mesa Airlines CRJ900, whatever that is. Two people only on either side of the one aisle and a very short distance between ceiling and head, as Di found out when we were to disembark... Bang! Ow!
Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and some of its baggage carousels, complete with a set of guitars for decoration. This is a music town.
The airport is like Sydney domestic but the baggage claim is very efficient.
We booked seats with the Super Shuttle which takes us direct to our motel, Americas Best Value Inn. Nowhere near as nice as the one in Santa Fe, although the rooms are bigger here. It is also next to a major junction, I35 and state highway 290, complete with flyovers galore. Unfortunately, it is also some distance away from downtown although the local metro station apparently is 10 minutes walk away and metrobus is around the corner according to our receptionist. We'll see.
We wander under the flyovers and down I35 a bit to Target to do some grocery shopping.

Dinner was breakfast. At IHOP, International House of Pancakes, which is literally next door. They are open 24 hours and serve breakfast 24 hours. They have other food choices too but breakfast was perfect for us.

Back at the motel around 8pm.

Here is the entrance to our America's Best Value Inn...complete with flyover.

Not a big photo day today, but a full day planned for exploring Austin tomorrow. For now though, good night.

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