Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sun 31 Mar - St Michaels, MD

Today, Easter Sunday, was significantly cooler and windy and overcast and later rainy. Spring is still knocking but can't come in (it seems).

After breakfast, we decide to drive to Oxford to check it out and to have Easter Sunday lunch over there.

Not a long drive, 30 minutes perhaps, which would have been shorter if the ferry from Bellevue would have started for the season. This sign suggested it was the longest privately operated ferry service in the US.

The town of Oxford is just "too cute". Everywhere you look are very tasteful large houses in various colours with nice gardens. This picture was taken along the shore front where the ferry docks. Not quite Manly Beach but we are sure it will attract more of a crowd in the summer months.
Some more examples of good looking homes. Yep, "too cute"...

Di choosing her favourite place...

As this is a small peninsula, many homes have waterfront access and their own dock. Marinas are plentiful in this area, with very nice yachts in dry docks or being prepared for summer. A rich person's playground, and it shows. That being said it did look very nice, and not snobby, and we even liked the homes in the background of this photo. You may notice they assume some yacht owners are "senior" by providing a few wooden steps to help at the end of each berth.

In one boatyard we came across a man working on his yacht "Boomerang". No he was not an Aussie (of course Di had to ask) but has been to Australia often and was planning to take his yacht there when he sells his business next year. He likes our culture so much his previous yacht was called "Digeridoo".
Our neighbours, Jim and Michel had recommended going for lunch "at the pub" in Oxford. However, there were 2 taverns there so we took a punt that they meant this place called Salters Tavern, next to what looked like a very nice place for accommodation, Robert Morris Inn. This is opposite the ferry and beach from earlier.

The tavern had an open fire and a nice relaxed feel with lots of dark timber. The Easter Sunday brunch menu had some good sounding choices but we couldn't go past Eggs Benedict, with ham for Di and its crab and spinach for Hans. Delicious and quite reasonably priced.

We head out after our lunch to see the rain clouds gathering and on our drive back to our B&B we get a few drops of rain. A perfect excuse for yet another lazy afternoon catching up on movies. This time "Lincoln" is on the program. A long movie but excellent acting by many, and Daniel Day Lewis deserved his Oscar. Mind you, we think it helped immensely that we've been to so many museums and know so much more about Lincoln and the Civil War history. Might be hard to follow otherwise.

Then "The Client" with more Memphis and New Orleans locations that we recognized. Fun.

Some time today was spent planning two things - 1) our next 3-4 weeks of travelling, which loosely is the coast road south to Savannah and then back north through the Appalachians to Pennsylvania; and 2) our next 3-4 days of home cooked meals! Yes, tomorrow Di gets back into a kitchen as Mary has generously lent us her place for a few days. Di can't wait!

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