Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tue 5 Mar - Austin, TX

A quiet day to start with, but at 1.30pm or so, we ventured out first for a late lunch at Wendy's and then continued walking to Enterprise car hire to pick up a car for 24 hours. We had booked a "compact" car which was described as a "4 door Nissan Versa or similar", not an "economy" car which is entry level in Enterprise's rental world (and probably others too).

However, they wanted to give us a small 2 door Fiat 500 and then they tried to tell us that the car was a "compact", not an "economy". And then they were going to "work with us" towards some kind of financial agreement for a bigger car...

OK, that was it. We got "pissed off" and we pointed out that there is no similarity between a Fiat 500 and a "Nissan Versa or similar" that was on the picture in their shop and we suggested that the 2 blokes that we were dealing with should try to sit at the back.

Well, in the end all good as we ended up with a Ford Focus at no extra cost, an "intermediate" car according to Enterprise. Here it is...

First destination, Barton Springs and Pool, just next to Zilker Park where the kite festival was held last Sunday. We had been recommended a visit there, but once we found it, the pool area was closed off due to refurbishment. We were sure that it would be very nice once it is completed.
Here is Di overlooking the pool.
This bloke had the right idea next to the river. He looked very comfortable.
After exploring Barton Springs and Pool, we drove to the SoCo (South of Congress) area. Lots of interesting shops, restaurants and quite a few food trucks. However, many of these places turned out to be closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays including almost all of the food trucks. Next two shots are of Congress Avenue looking north towards the bridge and State Capitol building.
On the way home, we saw the Texas Longhorns home stadium in the sunset and shot a photo of it...
Dinner ended up being at a local hamburger joint on Airport Boulevard called Tex Burger, "best hamburger joint 2004". Home for a couple of episodes of "Big Bang Theory" on TV.

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