Friday, March 29, 2013

Fri 29 Mar - St Michaels, MD

A very lazy morning which is just what the doctor ordered. It is also Good Friday today so it should be quiet...

Here are a couple of pics from George Brooks B&B in St Michaels. Our room is top floor, left, single and double windows.

Here is our room from the inside. Not bad, hey?
We go down for breakfast at 9am and then sit there and chat with another couple until almost 11am.

The couple is from Philadelphia and the bloke, Robert, has hiked the entire Appalachian trail over a 5 months period. His partner, whose name we didn't pick up, was half American and half Japanese, a typical US serviceman love affair and a nurse.

We then decided to take the Chrysler for a spin. It is a fantastic and beautiful spring day today after very ordinary and cold weather the last week or so.

First, we drive south to Tilghman Island and to the western side of Blackwalnut Cove and its southern tip. Absolutely beautiful there. A few location shots.
BTW, Tilghman comes from the name of the last family who were to own the whole island before it was divided into smaller lots and sold off. Matthew Tilghman helped shape Maryland's constitution.
There was a brand new boardwalk there, with small electrical lights driven by solar power.
Then we went onto the eastern side of Blackwalnut Cove.
Two uprights...
There is just a small narrow stretch of water off onto Tilghman Island called Knapps Narrow.
The island Is connected through this cute little bridge which was raised regularly to let through... one single boat with a slightly taller mast than what could pass under the bridge.
Looking east from the Tilghman Island Bridge. The wider stretch of water here is called Chesapeake Bay and apparently is a yachtsmans Mecca, the yachting capital of the eastern seaboard.
Hans is very relaxed next to the marina at the Tilghman Island Bridge, now looking west.
We continue our exploration by driving back towards St Michaels, but turning off west to go to Claiborne.
We saw this collection of straws and twigs etc out in the water which we presumed would be a birds nest of some sort.
Di on the plank...
We drive down to Neavitt and Balls Creek, but that wasn't so interesting so we turn back and drive into St Michael town to explore the marina side off the main street which we haven't really seen yet.
St Michael is a very pretty touristy town and it is not hard to see why. Here are a couple of photos from around the eastern bay.
Time for a cuppa and we saw this place on Talbot Street yesterday, announcing that they will open today. It is a pink and white painted cafe, bakery, cupcake kind of place. Very nice indeed and relatively cheap with 2 coffees and 2 very tasty cupcakes for $8 including tax. We may be back.
We swing by the grocery store on Talbot Street to get a few things and then go back to George Brooks House B&B for a break. A tough day indeed... :-)
Later, we take the car to St Michael township for dinner at Carpenter Street Saloon. Food was nice, but service was very ordinary.
A few pics from Talbot Street after dinner.
Back to the George Brooks B&B for a couple of beers while watching the movie "The Firm", which is set in Memphis and yes, we did recognize quite a few of the locations. That's all, folks.

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