Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sat 30 Mar - St Michaels, MD

We wake up to an overcast day, but it soon cleared up. Lazy morning, breakfast is not until 9am.

Unsurprisingly, there were a lot more people for breakfast on this Easter Saturday. Including us, there were 12 guests instead of the 4 on Good Friday's morning.

A few more pics from George Brooks House, B&B. The two breakfast areas.

The front room.
BTW, we inquired about American public holidays over Easter. Neither Good Friday nor Easter Monday are public holidays, although a lot of workplaces close early on Good Friday. It sounded a bit like Christmas Eve in Australia.

Still, several rooms at the George Brooks House B&B were empty including the big room with jacuzzi which is just opposite our room.

We decided to go for a pre-season boat trip out on Chesapeake Bay and Miles River. The boat's departure was 12.30pm which meant that we have some spare time after breakfast. So, we went for a little drive down Bellevue Rd down to Bellevue Park where the ferries go across to Oxford in season, which by the way starts "early April", no exact date specified but still too late for us.

Here are a couple of pics from Bellevue Park and the Bellevue/Oxford ferry "terminal".

Cold cold water in Chesapeake Bay, but at least there is a beach there.
Back to St Michaels and here is our boat, the "Patriot".
A couple of pics of us at sea.
St Michaels from the water. It's a bit difficult to take these pictures from a distance and really get home how beautiful the area is. Trust us, it is very beautiful.
There were plenty of big imposing buildings lining the water. One massive new concrete house was apparently the fifth home of their owners and they had spent a total of 3 weekends there last year.
There was a bit of animal spotting too. This nest belongs to a couple of Osprey birds. They raised 3 chicks here last year.
This was amazing. Suddenly the captain gets onto the loudspeakers and announces that there is a deer is the water swimming from one side to the other of Miles River. Yep, that's right.
Apparently deers are very good swimmers and from what we could tell that seemed to be correct. We estimated that the distance across the river here must have been 600-800 meters or so. Very impressive.

Hans was using Runkeeper to track the boat's movements so this is how where we cruised.

We returned to shore in St Michaels around 2pm and then went back to the B&B for more relaxation. Di is watching "To catch a thief" and Hans is just plain lazy. This is so good :-)
Dinner is in Easton, at Bartlett Pear Inn. French style meal, served by Julia, our host at George Brooks House B&B.
The Bartlett Pear Inn at night.
Another lazy day and night, good night.


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